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Reclaimed Old bricks in Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol

We sell reclaimed bricks in Bristol and Cardiff from £0.45 PENCE !


We sell a great range of reclaimed quality bricks, throughoutCardiff/SwanseaandBristol. If your looking for red , yellow reclaimed / old bricks that have been carefully reclaimed for re-sale then contact rcw-reclamation today. On 078 660 430 59.

Reclaimed Red and Yellow bricks inCardiff,Bristol,Swansea.


Our bricks have been reclaimed from buildings all overWalesandBristol. We have low cost reclaimed bricks due too amount we sell we can offer you substantial savings on your reclaimed bricks / stone inBristolandCardiff.


Reclaimed Red bricks in Cardiff Swansea Bristol of all sizes !


We specialise in reclaiming mass amounts of bricks, for large builds or for large scale extensions. We also sell in small volumes of bricks in Cardiff and Bristol.

Call today on 07866043059 to view our large selection of bricks which have been chipped and ready for re-construction. We have many types of old quality bricks so call us for our latest selection.



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