Welcome to SW reclamation of Cardiff.


Welcome to SW reclamation the home in Cardiff for low cost bricks, building materials such as structural wood and other reclaimed building items.

We sell high quality reclaimed items from our reclamation yard based in Cardiff South Wales.

What our reclamation yard in Cardiff mainly retails:

  • Old reclaimed bricks in Cardiff, these could be yellow or red bricks or orange in colour we normally have a good selection to choose from starting from £0.45 pence a brick!
  • Rsj steel beams.
  • Stone. We stock Welsh Dressed Stone and also Welsh random rockery type stone and sell this in Cardiff.
  • Timber and wood suitable for structural wood projects such as 2 by 4 stud work timber we often have for sale.
  • Rockery stone for sale in Cardiff.We sell Welsh random rockery stone and other random stone for sale all from our Cardiff reclamation yard in South Wales.


Reclamation yard in Cardiff South Wales

SW Reclamation is Wales premier supplier of quality reclaimed and salvaged building materials, .Specialising in old and reclaimed bricks. We specialise in supplying varying types of bricks such as yellow and reds and stone products. We supply to both the public and trade.

We mainly sell the following: reclaimed roofing materials; wood of all conceivable sizes; reclaimed stone; paving slabs; UPVC doors & windows, floorboards and many other items and also reclaimed bricks. Our items are priced to sell and we continuously have new stock arriving.

Please get in touch we may have just what you require at a fraction of the cost of other suppliers.

Please contact (Enable Javascript to see the email address)">(Enable Javascript to see the email address) for all enquires or alternatively 077 455 139 49


Reclaimed Bricks & Stone Cardiff and Bristol

Reclaimed Bricks starting from just

£0.45 Pence a reclaimed Brick!

That’s a quality, reclaimed brick, that’s been carefully restored, through chipping, cleaning and storing for just 45 pence a brick !


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Cardiff and Bristol Reclamation Yards,

We specialise in Brick Reclamation and the restoration of old Bricks,

Reclaimed Bricks in Cardiff, Bricks for sale Bristol

We supply Cardiff, South Wales and we also deliver to Bristol and the entire South West. We supply top quality Bricks.

We supply Red and indeed Yellow Bricks, and have stock of many different and ranging types of Reclaimed Bricks. We supply all at the best prices available. We also deliver for a small fee.

Reclaimed Bricks & Stone Bristol

We hand clean and ensure all bricks are chipped of mortar, and are ready for laying. They are a great quality piece of local history that once re-used adds character and charm to any building in Bristol or Cardiff.

We have been supplying bricks all over South Wales and The South West, offering value and a great product.

Reclaimed Bricks and Old Bricks Cardiff

We sell all types of bricks so please get in contact today. We deliver all our reclaimed bricks for a small delivery charge depending on where to be delivered too. We stock many different types of Reclaimed Bricks, ranging in all sizes and colours. We also stock some rare and difficult to find Reclaimed Bricks, and supply all over Cardiff and all over the South West of England but mainly in Bristol.

We offer some of the best deals around on our Bricks

SW Reclamtion Cardiff and South Wales Reclamation Yards,

we stock

RCW Reclamation Yard, based in Cardiff, South Wales. (We do not buy products off the general public, we are supplied soley by the trade)

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