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Reclaimed Bricks Cardiff

We specialise in reclaiming old bricks right throughout Cardiff and also South Wales. The majority of our customers will want bricks that are reclaimed, so that they match into an existing building or to carry out repair work to a property.


Many of the bricks that we reclaim do not come in an exact size, often the bricks are “wire cut”, and come out of Victorian properties or houses that predate the Victorian era.

This means that there is often what is called a “facing brick”, and also an “internal brick”, these can often fluctuate in terms of the dimensions of the brick, even though they have come out of the same property. Therefore many old bricks, can be different sizes even though they have been reclaimed from the same building, therefore this is worth bearing in mind, when purchasing bricks from us.

Old Bricks in Cardiff



Cardiff is a city that is steeped in history, from Cardiff Bay and our proud history of exporting coal from right through to the South Wales valleys.


During this period of industrialisation, many buildings were constructed using very good quality bricks, which are often required throughout Cardiff and also the whole of the United Kingdom.


Our company therefore specialises in reclaiming these old bricks from some of these properties right throughout Wales.

Reclaimed Red Bricks


The vast majority of the bricks that we reclaim in Cardiff, South Wales are what are called facing bricks, these are often taken from Victorian properties.


We carefully then restore these bricks for resale. These bricks can either be collected by the customer or for an additional charge we can also deliver in the locality of Cardiff, in South Wales and also in Bristol, England.


Old Red Bricks For Sale



The bricks that we reclaim within Cardiff come in many different shapes and also colours, for example in some areas of Cardiff you will see a deep red facing brick and in other areas the colour of the brick can be totally different.


This is because the bricks that are used to build a property is within Cardiff,  would be manufactured by many different brick manufacturers during the Victorian times.

We therefore reclaim Victorian bricks, and other old bricks, we then resell these bricks within the Cardiff area.

Why not e-mail us for a quote?

As you can imagine the quantity of the bricks we hold fluctuate greatly, we would therefore welcome our customers to e-mail us, and tell us what type of bricks they are after and the quantity that is required by the customer.


Good quality reclaimed bricks


If you are therefore looking for reclaimed bricks in Wales, whether they be yellow bricks or red bricks, whether you are looking for internal bricks or external bricks or you’re simply looking for a collection of bricks, to make a feature wall within your garden, our brick reclamation business can help you, why not call us today?


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