Reclaimed Bricks in Cardiff

We specialise in retailing reclaimed bricks within Cardiff. We retail old bricks that have been reclaimed from Victorian properties and sometimes buildings that predate the Victorian era. We therefore retail wire-cut bricks, that may well be over 100 years old.

These quality reclaimed bricks are often needed in order to build a property extension, or simply to use the bricks that will be more in keeping with the property. For example, a Victorian house in Penarth in The Vale of Glamorgan may well be having its chimney repaired, and therefore the builder requires reclaimed bricks from Wales to be used for this repair work.

Old bricks, commonly known as “reclaimed bricks” sometimes do not come in an exact size, that’s even if they are reclaimed from the same building.

The bricks are therefore referred to sometimes as “wire-cut”, which means there can be variations in the dimensions of the brick, that’s even if they have been taken from the same wall, that’s because with wire-cut bricks, sometimes called handmade bricks, the dimensions of the brick can fluctuate sometimes.

Reclaimed and old bricks Bristol


We also reclaim and retell old bricks within the South-West of England, mainly within Bristol.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reclamation yard, which sells quality “reclaimed bricks”, then why not give us a ring?


Reclamation yards that sell reclaimed bricks

There are some architectural salvage and reclamation yards, which do not sell reclaimed bricks, however we specialise in retailing bricks.

The bricks that we retail are often made by many different manufacturers, some of these might come from Victorian brick factories, and therefore might be for example what is called a “facing brick”, we can also sell “internal bricks” if these are required.

If you are therefore looking for old bricks, in South Wales, or perhaps you are looking for reclaimed bricks within the city of Bristol, then we are often able to assist.

The bricks that we retail are purchased because they can instantly add character to a building, as sometimes they are used therefore to build a feature wall, and sometimes even used outside in gardens to complement flagstones for example.

Reclaimed Brick Delivery

>We can deliver our bricks for an additional charge, we only deliver our bricks within the Cardiff area, the delivery charge will be dependent on how many bricks are required.

Quality Bricks in Cardiff and Bristol

Therefore, if you are looking to purchase old and reclaimed bricks in Cardiff or within Bristol, then why not e-mail us, or call today.

We will simply need to know the quantity and the type of brick that you are after, for example you might want a Victorian, red facing brick for example?

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