Reclaimed Bricks in Cardiff & in Bristol, “Old

Bricks” For Sale from £0.45 Pence a Brick !

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For Demolition enquiries please visit

SW Reclamation specialises in supplying reclaimed bricks. Whether it be reds, soft oranges, white bricks or a special type we may have just what you require.  We can supply in large quantities and offer discounts for substantial orders, but also can supply for smaller quantities.


Please get in contact on (Enable Javascript to see the email address) for all enquires or alternatively 07866 043059.

SW Reclamation Yard, based in Cardiff, South Wales. (We do not buy products off the general public, we are supplied soley by the trade)

Reclaimed Bricks, Old Bricks For Sale in Cardiff & Newport



Welcome to SW Reclamation Yard, Based in South Wales we are able to offer top quality reclaimed Bricks, at a fraction of the cost.

Reclaimed Bricks, In Cardiff and Bristol. Reclamation Yards Cardiff and Bristol



Reclaimed Bricks In Cardiff & Bristol


SW Reclamation Yard in Cardiff on 078 66043059


(We do not buy from the general Public we only retail, we offer to sell small orders or very large orders, all sales enquiries welcome when Buying.  Thank You,)


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We sell reclaimed bricks, hand cleaned and ready for construction from prices starting from just 45 Pence a Brick ! and these are locally sourced and of the best quality you can find.


We offer delivery extra for a small charge.


Reclaimed Bricks Cardiff


We have delivered quality red, orange and yellow bricks of all sizes and era’s over the South Wales area’s. We supply quality, hand chipped and Hand cleaned bricks, which are restored and brought back to all there glory for just 30 pence a brick on average. We do have the more sought after bricks, such as yellows, glazed and the very rare types of bricks, which we also sell at a good rate to our Cardiff clients seeking a good deal on there reclamation items.


Old Bricks and Reclaimed Bricks in Cardiff and South Wales including Swansea.

Reclaimed Bricks for sale in Bristol

Bristol Bricks, Reclaimed Bricks for sale in Bristol


Reclaimed Bricks for Sale in Bristol, Bristol Reclamation Yards supplying Bricks,

Reclaimed Bricks in Bristol 

We SW Reclamation sell, Bricks in Bristol of every type, we sell quality reclaimed Red and Yellow Bricks. These bricks have been carefully dismantled from some of Bristol’s oldest and beautiful buildings. These bricks are then carefully hand cleaned and restored to show there glory and beauty once again. And all our bricks are sold on average for just 30 pence each, we sell all traditional old style bricks in Bristol and if you require a unique or rare reclaimed brick type in Bristol be sure to contact us as we do not cost the earth, we believe in preserving our local heritage but not passing on a huge cost for doing so.

Bristol Brick Reclamation Yards

We sell quality reclaimed bricks in Cardiff and in Bristol, we sell old bricks and reclaimed bricks

If you require reclaimed bricks in Bristol or Cardiff then contact SW reclamation Yards of Bristol and Cardiff

We sell across South Wales, reclaimed bricks, we sell all sizes and we offer to deliver our reclaimed bricks across Cardiff.


We also sell Bricks to areas, such as Swansea and in Newport we sell reclaimed items and Bricks and deliver all across the region.


We stock a wide selection of Reclaimed bricks, we stock bricks of all ages, even some very old bricks and we sell in small orders or for large orders.

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